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On-Demand Solution for Health Care Industry

                          On-Demand Solution for Health Care Industry

In the startup world, on-demand service applications are a trend. The utilization of digital innovation in the healthcare company affects almost all touchpoints of the customer journey. Lilac Infotech offers a skilled clinical application development team to provide the best medicinal services in mobile application development

Lilac Edutik- E-learning App Solution

 These days, the market for on-demand application development companies is strong. The applications on-demand are primarily intended for the distribution and booking of start-ups. E.g. taxi booking apps, food delivery apps. We develop on-demand apps for every business. Some of the apps we offer include CABTURE which supports all the taxi business needs, FOODMINE that supports the food delivery business, EDUTIK which helps the education industry.

There are usually two modules for an on-demand application and an administration dashboard to assist your company. The modules are
1. Customer App
2. Service Provider App (Driver, Teacher, Restaurant)
As one of India's leading applications production firms, Lilac builds mobile apps that can be conveniently used and customized to your business needs. Let us recognize your specifications, and we're glad to convert your business digital with the most dynamic on-demand smartphone app

Lilac Edutik is a new, well-established E-Learning mobile platform technology that customizes learning based on each student's speed and style of learning in the easiest way possible. Key features include video and notes tutorials, test papers and mock tests, comprehensive live-class assessment, thorough preparation, videos, and notes for later watching. We have an iOS & Android application as well as a Mobile Admiral application.

If you need to develop an Educational app for students and kids, Lilac is a Perfect Choice for you


Best Food App Development Companies in India & USA

 For restaurants and food services, the last few years have been crucial. Because mobile applications have arrived in this area and food ordering has become smooth online, this is why it is anticipated that by the end of 2021 the food service industry would cross some billions of big markets.

While the Covid 19 epidemic has obliged individuals to keep in their homes and to walk away from society, most prefer food to dine. A lot of food service providers, therefore, come out of the shadows and seek to build a mobile app that may provide clients access outside the municipal boundaries.

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Lilac Cabture - Taxi App Solution for your Taxi Business


Lilac has launched a premium taxi-booking app to bring in a software revolution in the taxi booking industry at a nominal cost. Cabture is a Laravel powered content management system, supports Multi Territory, it has Google places and Map integrated, SOS, and verification alerts. Lilac delivers end-to-end next-generation IT services and technologies across industry verticals to businesses worldwide

Cabture is a leading online taxi booking software system that gives you the power to set up an enterprise-level transport company through mobile app growth. The core features of Cabture are that you can book a trip for others, add multiple destinations, plan your journeys, track in real-time, and have trouble-free payment options. We have an iOS & Android user application as well as an Admiral web application

For More Details : cabture.lilacinfotech.com

How to build on-demand Grocery Delivery App for today’s tech-savvy shoppers?

The idea for Grocery App

At least two players are part of a model that is close to the internet, except that consumers expect immediate delivery of their demand. At the completion of the delivery, rapid delivery in this model.

So, in this model, two things are important—what and where.

Pondering on-demand delivery software

When you look closer, it's not just about what and where the Uber X concept is. There are several important facets of this.

The most important thing is where.  That's the whole point of why the instant distribution of people and items is so important to the on-demand economy.

Another part of this is how. How pleased are your customers with the service? Isn't Uber asking you to rate its service on a scale of 1-5 every time you take a ride?

How does the on-demand grocery app work?

In order to supply the requested person or thing immediately, you must focus on local vendors and service providers. In the case of food distribution, you have to make a contract with a range of grocery store owners in each location in your coverage area.

You may ask them for a discount on the market price or a commission on the customer's billed number.   In addition, you need to locate a nearby distribution agent to bring the demand to the customer's location. They charge a flat amount for each distribution or a portion of the bill. In order to cover the service agent rates, you can apply the delivery charges to the customer's account.

Some features of an on-demand

Although most of them have the same characteristics as all other on-demand applications, there are few that are composite to on-demand apps.   And as in any on-demand app, the user has to decide when followed by where. However, the app wants to know who you are?

Who—for an app to locate the person ordering the groceries and to call him in case of a problem?

  • Sign up
  • Sign in
  • Customer Profile
  • Forget password
  • Social Media Login
  • Edit Profile
  • Email ID & Phone Number Confirmation

Who—to hear about the customer's desire and how he'd like to pay for it?

  • Choose Time Slot
  • Express deliveries
  • Delivery Track Individual
  • Contact guy to deliver
  • Cancel your order

Who—are customers satisfied with the service, the provider, or the standard of the service? If so, how much of it?

  • Tariff Facilities
  • Delivery Boy Rate
  • Quality rate of commodity
  • Write down a critique
  • Support and help
  • What type of technology is involved?

Grocery Store vs Grocery App


One of the main reasons for having a grocery shopping service is the ease it offers to its customers. Users don't need to go and sit in the back of the grocery store. They can buy something from their mobile, and they'll be shipped to their doorstep in a short time.

Saves Your Time

When you have a day's work, so going to the grocery store becomes a daunting task. It's because it could ruin the whole night, when it needs you to go to the grocery store, check stuff out, pick them up, and then go back home. However, with an order for a food delivery, you can make your grocery shopping by only sitting at home. In just a few minutes, you can order your grocery store on the phone and bring it to your doorstep.

Saves Money

Apart from saving time and resources, online shopping applications also save money. They're doing it for two reasons. First, they save all your travel costs, and second, they give you a range of discounts, reward points, and more.

Levitate the impulsive purchase

The Supermarket Shopping Subscription app is a treat for all shopaholics. Many times, we end up purchasing the additional treats or chocolates that were not on our plan. In general, the grocery store is overflowing with enticing items that we find hard to avoid. However, with a food delivery app, shop-aholics will suppress their impulses for their own benefit. They should select only the items that were on the list and don't end up stacking stuff that they never wanted to buy in the first place.

Types of Grocery Apps

If you're coming up with an on-demand food delivery app for today's tech-savvy customers, you've got a lot of choices.Many of the most popular apps for food distribution are in one of the following categories.


Aggregators essentially list a user's local grocery stores. The user will pick one of the nearest grocery stores mentioned in the app.

From the online menu, you can add anything you want to the cart in any amount. It checks out of the basket, makes payment for different payment options available, and waits for the store to validate the order. If the order has been confirmed, it will monitor the order in real time before it hits its location.

It checks out of the basket, makes payment with different payment options available, and waits for the store to validate the order. If the order has been confirmed, the order can be monitored in real time before it reaches its place.


The platform grocery store is somewhat similar to the grocery store aggregation network, except that the marketplace has its own team of delivery boys to carry the ordered grocery to the customer's home with a shopping accessibility solution.

Individual outlet

In a single-store app, the supermarket owner commissioned his own branded app and took care of everything from running the app to holding an updated online menu to supplying the order to the customer and receiving revenue.

Final Words

You risk losing the credibility of the company if the listed grocery owner refuses to offer or is being disrespectful to the consumer on your website. So each type has its own range of advantages and limitations. If the marketplaces are successful at preserving the credibility of the company, there are so many inherent risks. Of course, the drawback is that you have absolute leverage over taking orders and receiving money, and consumers won't interfere with real vendors.

E-commerce App Development : Lilac Infotech


ecommerce app development - Lilac

Most small companies do not recognize the latent potential of mobile e-commerce applications. Consider these advantages of developing a mobile app for small to large enterprises when discussing if it makes a good investment in e-commerce mobile application developments. 

The application and website use of e-commerce on internet platforms has been out of mode. Just all of the new-year business developers use and gain great benefits for the technology. Most distributors are creating an eCommerce application by recruiting an app development firm for eCommerce.The eCommerce owner will have consumers ready to purchase any time around the clock by creating and deploying an app. This software serves as a gateway for international purchasers and merchants. This blog guides you through the development of an eCommerce app with all sorts of information when you think you are in the proper position.

Several elements need to be addressed for excellent business when picking a web development e-commerce company. Factorial capacity, innovation, and specialization are of paramount importance to be examined and must be reviewed from time to time to pick better choices for entrepreneurship. 

Challenges faced in E-Commerce 

Some of the issues to be considered before deciding to Choose a development company for e-commerce are:

Workforce Availability

  • Collapse

The firm needs highly qualified, experienced, and professional employees accessible to handle and administer your project correctly. Few managers should be allocated to handle your inquiries and issues by your firm.

  • Tremendous Expertise

The team responsible for designing and developing a website or portal must know about networking, the newest technology, planning, software development & SEO strategies to produce a user-friendly & SEO-friendly site whether for web development or eCommerce web development.

  • Accountability

The firm must be able to take responsibility for the customer by taking into consideration the requirements of the customer, besides having good and experienced personnel. It is therefore vital that past customers evaluate their credibility.

  • Products Delivery

The product must be delivered properly and on time, so that the long relationship with its customers may be maintained and made glad at all times. Therefore, the firm must be timely and punctual.

Let us make you understand why building an e-commerce application is necessary before we examine the breadth of e-commerce development businesses in the industry, as it is directly commensurate with the need & requirements of e-commerce development enterprises.

Importance of E-Commerce

E-commerce is the finest alternative for individuals to construct a better world of the company to ensure success in the future rather than traditionally. To have an e-commerce company is an extra benefit for any company person. Various causes for e-commerce's importance:

  • Comfort

Have you ever imagined why most of us have shifted away from the old-school purchasing approach to buying online? The simple answer is comfort. Shopping online, I am sure that most of you agree, is the most convenient for us all. You can browse through a number of alternatives to purchase, just complete an order with your choice of payment, and the product is sent to you at whatever address you choose.

  • 24*7Service 

We offer round-the-clock services throughout the whole day, even at midnight. Therefore, if they need anything at the night. They don’t need to attend a physical market. This is the best way for those who normally work on their schedules. It, therefore, enables you to get 24*7 to your client. 

  • Large Platform

E-commerce provides your company a wide spectrum of clients worldwide. Therefore, it is important to pick an e-commerce platform to overcome your company's geographical limitations.

  • Promoting Business

E-commerce is closely related to the digital media age of your business promotions. Making a company available online is essential for the development of your business like comfort, wide exposures, worldwide client experience, ease of use, and so on. 

  • Cost Cutting

When products and services are managed on an automatic basis, not only will costs come down but also risks will reduce. The e-commerce company also saves your unnecessary expenditures like rent, energy, etc. It is far more cost-effective than a private shop. 

  • Easy configuration

In contrast to the establishment of a regular store, an e-commerce company’s setup costs are incredibly inexpensive. It is also easier than a retail outlet to register and allow an e-commerce marketing site.

  • Economy

Because there are no investments in the e-commerce sector as regards infrastructure or insurance, more money can be put into the items, strategy, and advertising. It will strengthen your marketing tactics and can thus help enhance your e-commerce website traffic. 

  • Better information on products

In addition to photos & videos for product presentation, most e-commerce websites include extensive information about their items. It helps the client obtain a clear picture and usefulness of the product. 

Some things to consider while developing an e-commerce application:

  • Business Objective

It is very vital to establish your aim before commencing e-commerce application development. Make the proper choices and find out how to find things? It is very essential to set the correct goals and enable you to establish a sensible marketing priority.

  • Economy

The budget is another key element in the creation of apps. It depends on how you operate and on the company strategy. You can reduce certain products depending on your budget while others are not. It is thus always advisable to set the budget and work appropriately.

  • Choice of technology

The intelligent use of technology helps you build an easy-to-use interface and mobile applications for android and iOS platforms. Some intelligent technologies and features such as Geo-Fencing, Chatbots, Augmented Reality, Big Data, and Cloud Computing may help you swiftly reach your goals.

  • Decide on the Platform

Depending on the public concentration and market analysis, you may choose the platform according to your needs that depend on iOS or Android. It is recommended that you always use both channels to not miss the audience and make use of both platforms.

  • Easy-friendly UI and UX

The straightforward design of the UX/UI will enable the customer to enhance surfing and shopping. No matter how sophisticated the system, it helps you and your user substantially to maintain a simple user interface.


As the e-commerce application reaches people's hearts, numerous retailers now develop mobile e-commerce applications and generate enormous income. The development of the eCommerce app is a difficult procedure, but it may be made easier for you by hiring an eCommerce app developer UK.

Ecommerce development companies examine several things in order to provide your company's needs with the finest eCommerce site or app. They are professionals supported by years of experience and knowledge in this sector in order to deliver this complicated job without problems.

On-demand App development company

 Influenced by the success of on-demand apps? Do you want to make your own on-demand app? Our #development #solutions enable you to complete...